Reader Weigh In: Real vs. Replica

I know I'm not the only one that has champagne taste on a TAP WATER budget. But, am I the only one that doesn't mind a nice replica when the opportunity arises? I'm not talking about your average bootleg from the backroom of shady boutique. I'm talking quality replicas, made with quality materials and stood behind by decent sales people.

Everyone isn't able to call of their favorite Chanel or Birkin sales rep and have them hold the latest handbag to hit the market. These bags retail from $5,000 to $20,000! As my bestie would say, "GET YO LIIIIFE!!!"

But if you stumbled upon a credible seller, with quality products...and new you weren't doing anything illegal...would you spring for these coveted handbags if they were available at a price like $200-$300???

via @nikimoush Instagram

What about those infamous Christian Louboutins??? Would you spring for them if they were made to fit into your price range???

via @nikimoush Instagram

Personally, I live for a deal, so if I can get quality materials in high-fashion styles, I'm all over it!, But I want to know how you feel about it, so I need you guys to weigh in on this. How do you feel about real vs. replica. Would you fake it til you make it? Do tell!