ALL CAPS & Lots of (!!!)

Forgive me readers, for I have fallen off. It's been over two months since my last blog post. I've completely neglected the 12 people that remain loyal to my random little ramblings; but I have a remedy....aaaaand...I'll get to that in a minute. For now, I gotta tell you a little story.

So, just a few days after posting about my DIY Moorish art, I got a call from the procurement department of my company, requesting my presence in our Dallas IMMEDIATELY! As in within 48 hours, immediately! And not only did they need me immediately, they didn't know how long I would need to be there! Apparently, with the 40 projects that we had going on all at once, they needed me for a little project management and crisis resolution. Of course, it's great to feel needed, but this meant I had to come up with some emergency logistics for my household.

First of all, my sister-in-law, who is 12 by the way, was spending her summer vacation here with us. (Her 1st summer away from home!) We had plans for some major girl time: shopping, mani's and pedi's, hooking up with a few other girls her age from our church, going to the water park every weekend, even a trip to Six Flags were a part of the plans. So, unfortunately, since my hubby (her brother) works crazy unpredictable hours, we had to end her vacay and take her back home. She had only been here 4 days when I got the call, so I had "pleasure" of ruining her summer. Big Time Bummer.

Secondly, due to the hub's crazy work schedule, we also had to send our little man away to grandma's house. He was in the middle of summer camp: lots of playing, painting, bounce houses and water days...all brought to an end. This made victim number two. Momma's now on a roll. Victim #3, of course, was my wonderful husband. We just got married last September and the longest we had ever been away from each other since then was about 3 days. He wasn't too thrilled about my last minute business trip.

I WAS GONE FOR 3 WEEKS PEOPLE!!! THREE WEEKS!!! I was allowed to fly home on the weekends...which meant flying home on Friday, getting home around midnight, repacking Saturday, and flying back on Sunday. Uhh, yeah.

Things were soooo crazy in the office, too. There was so much going on. People were up in arms about budgets and time lines. Our suppliers were getting disgruntled about all the pushing for faster time lines. I had spreadsheets coming out of every open orifice in my body! It was quite the whirlwind.

But it wasn't just the work load that was was my position with the company. After being in the office for about a week, I was asked to RELOCATE to Dallas full-time. On the company's dime, of course, but none the less, as soon as possible. Well, for me to even consider the relocation, a raise had to be included in the package. And not only did they include a raise, it was the raise that I asked for!!! (Hallelujah!!!) Of course, I asked for some time to discuss this MAJOR LIFE DECISION with my husband. I was given less than 48 hours to respond....along with the notion that I may not have a job if I could not accept. (Happy times, none the less.) Well, less than 24 hours after my 48 hour clock started, I was told that they were PULLING MY RELOCATION OFFER!!! Someone somewhere had a change of heart...and changed their mind! (Shock of the century!!!) I wasn't given very much info, except for that the department was going under a little review. Not the best news, but I was also told that I get to KEEP MY RAISE!!! (HALLELUJAH!!!)

So after my three week stint in D-town, I was finally able to head home and continue with business as usual. Work was still a little crazy, but at least I could be crazy from my kitchen table in my pajamas! Not to mention that the hubby and I had our first-vacation-ever coming up a few weeks later! Things really couldn't have been better: working from home again, a praise-worthy raise, and an up-coming cruise to Mexico with the hubs!

Now, Mexico was A-MA-ZING!!! I'll give you all the details on that soon! But my first day back to work after our vacay brought about even more "surprises". During a brief conference call with my boss, I was told that the decision had been made to ELIMINATE MY POSITION! (WTH) Yes, people, after four and three-quarter years, they were letting me go! I had made it through 3 years of no raises, had 6 different supervisors, and survived 3 layoffs (I was the last one in my position...there were 6 of us when I started.) They did give me three weeks notice to the end of my time with the company...which was this past Friday, August 17.

So, technically, as of today...I'M UNEMPLOYED!!!

For the first time in my life, I am without a job...a source of income...a Monday to Friday activity. But let me tell you about the blessing behind it all...

The past three years with FORMER my company were actually pretty difficult. Not only did I go through becoming a new mom, losing my mom, and getting married, but I also had to go through being stripped of all creative freedom that my position used to allow. In an attempt to re-brand the company, it was decided that an outside design firm would be hired to select all the "pretty" things that would become the look of the new brand. Well, once the outside design firm was brought in, the internal design team (myself and two other ladies) were then turned into the "little helpers". It was our responsibilities to take all of the pretty things that were selected by the outside team and figure out how to get it into all of our properties. We did all of the sourcing and procuring of each and every item. In simple terms...we were paper pushers. I didn't get to pick a single paint color, swatch of fabric or piece of furniture for the past three years! I can't even begin to get you to understand how long that is.

I, literally, felt like a caged bird...confined to a box and held with so little freedom. I needed to stretch my creative wings. I needed to fall in love with design again. I needed a way out. I had so many ambitions and dreams for my future, but with the lack of creative freedom and the craziness that my job turned into, I saw it all fading away. It all began to seem harder and harder to achieve...

...until they opened the door to my cage and set me free.

I am truly thankful for the time I had with my former company. I had the opportunity to work along side some of the most amazing people I know. It was my first job and is the beginning of what will soon be an amazing career. I am in no way hurt or even bitter for how things ended. If it weren't for the events leading up to my termination, I wouldn't have the doors opened to the opportunities that I have today. God has soooo many great things in store for my future. I know, because he told me so. His promises are everlasting and I stand on them daily!

So be happy for me love bugs!!! This means I get to talk to you guys EVERY DAY! (YAAAYYYY!!!!) I have more good news for you guys this week, so y'all come back nah, ya heah??? ; )