DIY: Moorish Art

Happy Tuesday everybody! I'm checking in today to show off my latest DIY project: Moorish art. While taking in all my design shows this past Saturday, I was happy to see Mr. David Bromstad pop up onHGTV's Design On a Dime. And while there, he created this lovely, yet simple, piece of art for the makeover.

bad iPhone pic

Well, it instantly reminded me of the rugs that I've been stalking for the past 3 months.

Rugs USA Keno Trellis Slate Rug

Rugs USA Homespun Inspire Navy Rug

A simple design and a load of inspiration was all I needed to get my wheels spinning. So, I showed you guys this photo last week as a little preview...

And if you follow me on Instagram (@CohesiveRandomness), you may have seen this pic pop up in your feed...

Instagram @ CohesiveRandomness

Well, here's a nice little photo shoot of the finished product!

I had a thin piece of plywood left over from our headboard project and all of the paint, except for the gold, which is just craft paint from WalMart, were just little sample pots from Home Depot. I actually used the green on our console table.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Now, I just have to get the proper hardware and hang it!

So, any one else feeling artsy? Break out the Crayolas and get to work!


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