The Untouched: Davin's Room

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I took a last minute trip to Chicago last week to spend some time with family. But I'm back today in full force, and talking about the one room in our house that I haven't really touched...Davin's room.

This is pretty much what it looks like all the time. I try to make his bed every day, but Davin likes to crawl under the covers as soon as he gets home from school, so it doesn't stay made very long. Everything functions in the room quite well. The dresser used to belong to Mr. Marcus and it hold 75% of Davin's clothes. The toy chest was made for him by my sister, Chassity's step-father, Arthur Neal (also known as Bubba!) as a Christmas present a couple years ago and holds all of his toys. The two black ottomans hold his DVDs and books and the rug is a resting place for all of his waffle crumbs and play ground pea gravel. It all just DOESN'T LOOK GOOD.

So, I did what I love and started's what I came up with.

I'd want to DIY a navy blue headboard; maybe a heavy-duty, denim-like fabric. I don't know if I'd go with white bedding for a three year old, though...the wheels are still turning on that one. I'd change out the rug for a much bigger and grown-up one. This one I found at and is 100% wool, so it will last for years to come. The locker is from IKEA and would be great as a TV stand. We would have control of what was left out and what was concealed. It'd also be a great place to store all of his books and DVDs. The nightstands (I'd get two), are also from IKEA and have really deep drawers that would hold all of the clothes that are currently in the tall dresser. And to top it all off, I'd throw in some orange accents by adding art, pillows and big, comfy bean bag chair.

I love it, but, unfortunately, Mr. Marcus isn't head over heels for it. I trust him and his male perspective in this special case. : ) Davin's favorite color is red right now, so I may use it instead of the orange. All in all, this is just something to get me motivated to tackle the space. I'm not sure of what the finish product will look like; I just know that it'll be vast improvement from what it is now. What do you guys think?