New Addition!!!

I guess I should have said New Addions to the Hamilton House. Oh, well. Either way, we've welcomed lots of new "babies" into our home lately, and one of them is of a super special caliber!!!

We'll start in the entry...I've moved some stuff around and pulled out a piece of art I've had in my junk room. Of course, this piece isn't junk; I just hadn't found the right place for it. It's actually a very special piece, since it was painted and given to me at a very special time in my life by a very special friend from college. Krystal Bartrow, if you're reading this, I STILL LOVE YOU, GIRLIE!!!

The kitchen got a new addition, as well; this one courtesy of my wonderful mother-in-law, Helen. I saw this on her kitchen island a couple weekends ago and after telling her I'd been looking for a bigger cutting board (the one I had was thin, plastic and the size of a sheet of copy paper), she sent me home with this!

This thing is almost 2 ft wide and 4 in thick! A cutting board this size would've cost me at least $200! I still need to sand it and give it a good wipe down with some mineral oil before I put it to use, but I'm so excited about it, I think I'm just going to let it sit pretty for a while. Oh, and I found the wood salad bowls at one of my favorite resale/antique stores, B's Market, here in Poplar Bluff. They were only $2 for eight and too cute to leave.

Just off the dining room side of this bar are our "new" stools. I say "new" because we've, actually, had them since January. They're really stools for a school lab, but we got them because they worked for our space and were only $35 each... including shipping...and were sold in a set of four. They're just now making an appearance on CR because I've been trying to figure out what color to paint them. They came in gray, so the jury's still out on that.

Now, do you see anything different in the photo below? I mean...besides the big green rectangle? Ignore that, by the way. It's an on-going art project. See anything different?

You're getting warmer...

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! Remember this print from this Friday Finds post? Well, after getting the seller to add EARLE into the mix, I placed my order and got it in more than a few days ago. Couldn't be happier!

Then we get to these beauties...

First, this little (but not so little) foot stool. I found it a couple weeks ago at B's, but it was behind a counter, covered in dust and cobb webs and didn't have a price tag on it. Aaaand, I left it there. But, after a week or two went by, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. So after taking Davin to school yesterday, I drove all the way across town, back to B's, praying the whole way that it was still there.  And as you can see, it still was. But, would you believe me if I told you I only paid $3 for it? I hope so, because I did.

It's a really good size and despite it's looks, is great quality. And don't let it's current state get you down. It might be old, dusty, cracked and rusty, but wait until I work my magic on it. Look out for it's transformation...coming soon.

Next, we have these twin beauties. They are mid-century Lane end tables that I've pushed together to make a coffee table. I found these a couple months ago at, you guessed it, B's Market! (I told you that was my favorite place.)

They each have a drawer and are made of solid walnut; except, of course, the black "lacquered" tops and are HUGE!

I got them because 1. we needed a coffee table/end tables 2. They're in great condition (check out that dovetail construction!) 3. they were only $60 for the pair! So, home with me they came.

I hiiiighly doubt it if these two keep their look. I'd much rather they have wood tops, but have contemplated painting them white. But, then I thought that would be too much white with them sitting next to the TV stand. So, the jury's still out on that one too. I promise to keep you posted.

Now, fiiinally, I present to you our new baby!!!

Our new Kivik sofa and chaise delivered last week while Mr. Marcus was at a meeting in Little Rock and while I was away in Chicago. Luckily, I was able to have one of my friends come over and accept the delivery. Unfortunately, I came home to this...

Yes, our sofa came in in 22 pieces contained in 5 boxes. Isn't IKEA furniture WONDERFUL!?!?! It only took me us two days to put it together! J/K..sort of. Actual assembly time was only about 3 hours -- most of that time was spent ironing the cushion covers. The only reason it happened over two days was because I had to wait until the second day for Mr. Marcus to help me get the big pieces in the house. All in all, it wasn't bad at all.

And after dreaming about this sofa for over a year, it's everything I thought it would be. Not only is it almost 11 ft long (me, Mr. Marcus and Davin don't even take up half of it...and that's not even touching each other), but its made of memory foam and is the most comfortable thing I've ever sat/laid on. I've already dubbed the chaise as MY spot. I stretch out on it and my feet don't even reach the end. Bonus: it's the perfect spot for "talking" to you guys!!!

I'm super excited about how things are looking. Now my living room TO DO/GET list has only a few things left on it:
  • Large area rug (preferably an 8x11)
  • A comfy arm chair (or two)
  • A small side table for the chair
  • A small lamp for the side table
  • A few colorful pillows and throw/blanket
  • Put some art on the blank canvas above the sofa (to balance the off-centered windows)
  • Finish the art on the green canvas above the TV
  • Take down the curtain rod
So, what about you guys? Any new additions for you lately? New furniture? New babies? New shoes? I want to hear all about it!