Guess what I've been up to?

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. Things were pretty slow around here, but the past couple weeks have been packed with plenty to keep me busy!

For starters, this guy had T-ball games twice a week.

Go Braves!!!

I hosted a little brunch for some very special ladies.

Lorrie, Dannette & Rosy have been my saving graces during our stint, here in Poplar Bluff. I met Lorrie first. She and her family are members of the church that we attend. Upon meeting her, she invited me to a Zumba class, which is where I met Rosy (the instructor) and Dannette (a huge Zumba fanatic). These ladies are the reason why living here has been leaps and bounds over tolerable. Actually, I'll be more than sad to have to say goodbye to these women, in the instance that we have to move. But, not to get all mushy...on to the lunch...

It was a small setup, since there only four people eating. I made lemonade and sweet tea to quench our thirst; I just put them in a couple bottles that I got from World Market. Got 'em on a trip to St. Louis a while back. Of course, there was a little bottled water on hand. The white plates, salad bowls, cake stand and napkins came from TJ Maxx forever ago. The glasses were found at this hole-in-the-wall retail store here in Poplar Bluff (actually from a set of 32 glasses of various sizes). The square white serving trays are actually plates, and they came from Wal Mart; and so did the glass bowl.

The menu consisted of a great chicken salad: mixed greens, apricots, Havarti cheese and walnuts with an olive oil-balsamic vinegar-honey dressing.

I whipped up some bacon-wrapped, chorizo-stuffed dates (remember those from my Chicago trip?). Sooo good!

The salad and dates were accompanied by mixed fruit and croissants.

Great food, with even greater guests! My first house guests to be exact!

Aren't they gorgeous!?!?! Yes.they.are!!!

And, you know I can't leave you without some sneak peaks of new stuff around the house.

I'll be back tomorrow with explanations! What have you guys been up to? I wanna hear all about it!