Blazin' Colors

I'm back with another fashionable post. This one is all about colorful blazers.

You see them everywhere and they will definitely be around FOREVER!!! They are one piece that you can layer on any outfit, from jeans and a tee to a blouse and girlie top. And lately, I've spent more than a few hours online scouring the net for these wardrobe boosters. Here are a few that I may dish out the cash for.

This fire hot blazer is from Zara. And considering the accolades this site/store gets, the pricing is still fairly reasonable. At $79, its still a little rich for my pockets, but I would just consider it as an investment into my future. : )

This crisp, white blazer is also from Zara. It's the perfect pick-me-up for any one's spring wardrobe. The wonderful Tamara Styles dives a little deeper into how essential a white blazer can be, so you should definitely swing over and check it out.

I found this hot pink cutie at Urban Outfitters and love that it's a bit dressier with the no-button closure and rayon fabric...kinda has that sateen feel to it. And I have to mention that this blazer comes in about 10 different colors!!!

Now, my go-to place for blazers never seems to let me down. Forever 21 came through with this green sateen version for less than $30! The ruched sleeves are always great for me and my abnormally long arms.

The blazer color of the moment seems to be this royal blue. Every one's wearing it...but understandably so. Forever 21 has several style selections in the color, but the one you see above is my favorite. Really loving the bold shoulder and contrast lining.
large product image

Last, but certainly not least is this canary yellow beauty! I'm having heart palpitations about this blazer. Not only is the color doing it for me, but the cut and the details are calling my name. It may seem like a plain yellow blazer, but trust me...this is no run of the mill jacket. It's by Rag & Bone and is expertly crafted out of crepe. It also costs a pretty penny...$495 worth of pennies to be exact! So lets just say I'll be wearing this one in my dreams!

So what about you guys? Are you as much in love with blazers as I am? Do you have a favorite go-to store/site for your wardrobe essentials? Do tell!