Spring Fever!

With the weather warming up these past couple days, I've already got my spring wardrobe on the brain. I've been looking for a couple new pieces to add to my closet, so I had to show you guys what's caught my attention lately.

Now, if you think you know me, you should know that I love me some navy blue. And stripes. And navy blue and white stripes are my favorite. This little tank would get a lot of wear this spring. I'd pair it with just about anything...cropped khakis, a pleated skirt, some colorful skinnies...the possibilities are endless.

I hate to admit that I have failed to own a tank top that's not a solid color. Actually, it's kinda sad. This cutie would definitely usher me into spring.

Coral, anybody???

Coral & stripes, anybody??? 'Nough said.

I think I've tried on 20 pairs of "boyfriend" style jeans, and have yet to find a pair that actually fit like "boyfriend" jeans! I've had my eyes on the pair above for a couple months now, so I'm hoping they don't let me down once I get my hands on 'em.

I think I'm the last female of this generation to go the entire past 12 months without a pair of colorful skinny jeans. I really don't know what my problem is. Maybe it's the fact that I've lived no less than 1.5 hours away from a store that would actually sell them.

Last, but certainly not least, is this beauty! I swear, if it wasn't sold out right now, you guys would be looking at a pic of me wearing it already! The colors are perfect. The light weight material makes it great for those warmer days. And the hem line is at that perfect yes-I'm-somebody's-mother-but-I-still-got-it length!

I'm officially accepting donations for the Cohesive Randomness Spring Fever Fund to go towards some of the items you've seen here. I promise you its a great cause! Lol. Are any of you gearing up for spring? What are you hoping to add to your wardrobe? Have you had a certain color on the brain lately? Tell me about it; I'm hoping I'm not the only one.