Coral & Gray

Ok. So, I've been on a totally mad search for inspiration for our master bedroom, lately.

I still have to get rid of those lamps that don't work (literally and aesthetically), find some hardware for all of the dressers, and upholster the bench, but things are starting to come together. Right now, we're working with what some would call a tone-on-tone look with all the different grays we have going on. I'd just call it a blah-on-blah look. I mean, don't get me wrong. It looks ok. It's just a little yawn city right now. It needs some color...desperately! So, I've been off, doing what I love...scouring the Internet for pretty stuff! Luckily, I came across these lovely lookers in a color scheme that I'm dying to work with.

These pics all have something in common: big pieces are kept neutral and color is brought in with smaller accents. Always remember that it's great to keep all of the big pieces neutral: bed, sofa, chair...and then bring in color through pillows, art, throws, accent pieces and accessories. Any neutral canvas can be livened with just a few pops of color. Now, I'm off to find some pop for our little love nest. ; )

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