Now, back to our regulary scheduled programming...

Hello out there to the dwellers of blogland! How all y'all be? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to more happy holidays! Any new news? Any upcoming graduates this December? New baby announcements? Any cold-hearted playas out der dat just dumped their significant other right before Christmas to get out of buying a gift? Anybody holdin on to their relationship by it's last string in hopes of getting a gift before its all over? Y'all so, so wrong. (lol)

Anybody keeping up with the new TI reality show on VH1? I think it might just be my latest addiction. I'm just excited to see a reality show look real!!! No prompting or staged arguments. Just cameras catching the life of a celebrity in real time (except, of course, those horrible "confessional" interviews that Tiny gives...does that bother anyone besides me?). Then, on top of that, it follows right after my guiltiest pleasures...Love & Hip Hop!!! It can't get any better than that!!!

So, these past couple (uhhh, four) weeks have been crazy!!! OK, wait...they started out crazy. : /  So for Thanksgiving, the fam and I loaded up and traveled south, hoping to spend some time with our beloved family members. The trick was to see how many visitations we could cram in only about an 18 hr span of time. Why, you ask? Well, Mr. Marcus is such a vital component to the well-being of his work environment, that he was only given Thanksgiving day as his time off. Which meant we couldn't leave the Bluff until he got off at 8:00 pm the day before and had to be back in time for him to get some rest before being at work ultra bright and early the day after. IKR!!! Pure RIDICULOUSNESS! Thankfully though, and despite its briefness, our turkey day was filled with love and laughter and smothered with pure amazingness, to say the least. It was sprinkled with a little flu bug on my part, but thanks to my amazing husband and mother-in-law, I was nursed into a fully functioning state just in time to participate in all the dressing flavored festivities! We were able to see about 90% of all of our family members that lived in the area, which was great considering we had to travel to two different cities. And we ate just until we were on the brink of diabetic comas. Like I said, smothered with pure amazingness!!!

Upon return to The Bluff, we've had/been to two birthday parties, "decorated" the house for the holidays, Davin was a part of his school's Christmas program, the hubby's company threw their Christmas party, I started a new Zumba class (love it!!!!), and we've found a new church that I think we're really gonna love, appreciate and really get to work in. It's really been a busy and eventful couple (uhhh, four) weeks.

But as busy and eventful as these past weeks have been, they have been quite unproductive when it comes to this blog. I know I sound like a broken record, but actually have now gotten a handle on what I know you want to see...REGULAR POSTING!!! That's why I've already taken the initiative (something I fail to do every now and then) and written out ALL of next weeks posts!!! (and the crowd goes wild!!! "YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!"). And you know what...this is really gonna make you go week, I'll be writing the next week's posts! YEEESSSS!!! And you get a car and YOU get a car and YOU GET A CAR!!! OK, not really, but feel my excitement! Cohesive randomness will now have a more cohesive and less random posting schedule. And it's safe to believe me this husband is holding me to this...which kinda makes this all real, instead of just throwing some words out into the infinite space of the Internet. So, if you would, please, give him a virtual pat on the back...for me. Thank you kindly.

So, be sure to come back next week and check out our House Tour, a couple recipes, an easy Christmas craft, and a special treat: an Uncommon Ground VIDEO!!!! I know; I can hardly contain myself!!! Here's looking forward to good times!!!

P.S. Send us any requests you want us to cover in our relationship posts. Yeah, we do this for fun, but ultimately, we do this for you guys. So hit us up!!!