Happy Birthday to MEEE!!!

On this day, over a quarter of a century ago, the dear Lord decided to bless this old earth with my presence! Today's my birthday and I turned a glamorous 26 years old! And even though I'm still in bed and not looking so glamorous, I figured I'd treat myself to a little glamour with a little online shopping!
Now, before I even conceived the thought of starting my own blog, I was a mad stalker of so many others. Design, fashion, lifestyle...you name it; I read it. So last week, while doing my morning internet rundown, I came across a post at one of my favorite blogs, The Budget Babe. *S/N: I love this blog and you should definitely check it out sometime. Who wouldn't love a place where you not only can peruse high fashions, but also be pointed in the right direction to get the look for less??? I love it!

Anywho, so I came across this post about an amazing pair of Chanel riding boots, worn by the always fab Kourtney Kardashian. *OK, another S/N: I'm secretly in love with the Kardashians. No not eeeeverything about them, like their potty mouths and fascination with boobs and vajayjays, but definitely their sense of style. And yes, I've seen every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and I google photos of them when needing some inspiration for an outfit. So there.

But back to the boots. I love me some boots! You can never have too many. So when I saw these beauties, I instantly broke out the credit card!!!

These are the Corso Como Richmond Knee-High Boot in the Black & Ginger Burnish Calf color selection. Yes, they're listed at $199 but if you order them any time soon, you get an additional 30% off and FREE overnight shipping! My total came to just under $140. That's less than some of the synthetic material boots that I love at places like Bakers and Aldo! The Chanel boots would cost me more than a grip. Probably an amount that I wouldn't even consider spending on any article of clothing in my lifetime (even if I had it to spare), so I think these are more than worth the price.

The true test will be putting them on and dancing around the house! They are due to arrive tomorrow, so I'll definitely be letting you know soon how things turn out! Until then peeps...I'm going off to enjoy my day!!!