You're Invited!!! (But only if you still care?)

OK, peeps…Cohesive Randomness is back!!! I’ve been gone for way to long and I’ve missed the heck out of you guys! Seriously, I promise to never disappear like that again – I PROMISE!
But let me tell you, my life has been like a fast forwarded cassette tape that was all of a sudden snatched of its inner ribbon and then stuffed again like ten Cornish hens at Christmas. It’s been crazy to say the least.
I know that I still owe you guys updates on “If this isn’t love” and my demented relationship with cancer, and believe me, they’re coming down the pipeline. But first, I wanted to give you guys (at least those of you to still decide to take to take time out of your day/night to see what I'm rambling about over here at CR) an opportunity to get a little bit more personal.
I’m totally inviting you all to my house!!! (Virtually, of course. Come on people. Seriously?)
But before I let you all in, I need you to pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you…ok?
The following is a very necessary disclaimer that must precede the photos you're about to view: The following photos should bear no weight in your perception of my ability as an interior designer, and therefore, should not be used against me when I ask you for money in exchange for design services when you ask me for help with your place. Mm-kay?

Great. Now on to the tragedy that is my apartment...

Yes, it’s that bad...

I tried warning you…

This is how is how my apartment looks today. And you know what? It is what it is.

Yes, you did indeed see 1. a high chair in the middle of the living room B. a chair with no seat (one of my many up-coming projects) 3. an ugly console table that should be in the entry way pushed in front of my fireplace (covered in stuff for my parent's - another up-coming project) 4. a night stand in my laundry room 5. both Davin's and my bed sitting on the floor (I'll explain later) 6. Davin swimming in a sea of Cheerios. Did you scroll back up to look for all of that? Yeah, it's all there. But there's even more stuff that you didn't see.

Take a look at these...

Yeah. 7. more junk piled in the unseen corner of my living room 8. my spray paint collection having a party with other random home decor accessories in front of the washing machine (like how the vacuum cleaner thinks it's too good to hang out with everyone else? such a snob) 8. the head board, foot board and frame of my bed hanging out in my hallway. It's sad, I know.

Believe me; my place hasn't always looked like this. I’ve been in this apartment for a little over three years and have probably redesigned the whole thing twice. See...

It may have never been 100% to my (or anyone else's) liking, but is was well put together in a "work with whatcha got" kinda way. But now, I'm in the middle of making a lot of changes around here. Out with the old and in with the new (when I can afford find it). Of course, this would be a simple change with unlimited funds/resources. But you know me, nothings ever just simple.

I plan to make over my entire apartment with a limited budget. And when I say limited, I actually mean NONE EXISTENT. You see, I have no budget. Bottom line is this: I have no money. I'm broke. I don't have a little pot set aside that contains all of the savings I've stashed away over time in preparation for a home renovation. I just don't. My only plan is to spend as close to nothing as possible, especially since I'm kinda required by law to feed my growing two year old toddler/poota man.
I'm inviting you all along the ride to be a witness to such a travesty greatness. I promise to give you the low down of all the gritty details. You may even luck up on some inspiration for your place. You never know, right?!?!

So start checking in on a regular to see what I have in the works over here. But don't forget about or be surprised by the random posts about long-distance relationships, cancer or babies. You know those subjects still hold a place in my blogging heart. : )

Til next time folks!!!