Random: Dreaming

I figured it was about time for Cohesive Randomness to get a little...RANDOM!

I never expected the "If this isn't love" series to make me feel so....serious. It brought back so many old memories and emotions that I began to feel as down as I did back then. I promise to be back with the continuation soon, but I needed a little break.

Soooo...what's a good way for a girl to lift her spirits?

A little window shopping, of course!!! And as an interior designer, I’m always looking for what I’d put in my dream house. Of course, my "dream" house changes every month; but, this is what I'm feelin these days...

The break down:

I have a passion for color like no other. But no matter what, I'm always drawn to all shades of gray and taupe and natural materials. The special finds featured above helped me to express my love of all things natural and neutral...with a twist.

1. I started out with a not-so-typical shade of gray, Sherwin Williams 7079 Ponder. It carries a slight undertone of violet that would work well with bright accent pillows.

2. I've always dreamed of having a sectional. And after seeing this one in person a couple days ago, I know it would be perfect for any future home of mine. It's comfy and durable enough for rambunctious two year olds. Not to mention, it's huuuge...don't let the picture fool ya. I swear you can fit six people on this thing and the chaise lounge is almost the size of a twin bed! I loved it and love it!!!

3. With the clean lines of the sofa, I new I wanted something round to hang above it. And this teak mirror has a rich walnut tone that would be a great contrast to the gray walls.

4. Some dark gray curtains would frame out the windows and add another layer of comfort to the room.

5. These aforementioned accent pillows would bring in just the right punch of color and texture.

6. To appease my love of all things natural, I'd ground the room with this flat woven jute rug.

7. I love the juxtaposition of wood against metal, and this side table makes it a perfect combo.

8. Everyone needs something unexpected in their space. This happy canary would inject some energy into the room.

9. This beautifully crafted barrel chair had me at 'wuz uuup'. The intricate design of the back allows it to be the center of attention without working hard to do so...kinda like me, back when I used to hit the clubs. LOL!

10. The classic and simple shape of these gourd lamps will allow them to fit perfectly in any space. For balance and symmetry, I'd place one on each side of the sofa.

Well, that's what I'm dreaming about this week. I'll have to share my dream of a bedroom with you guys soon, too.

So what are you guys dreaming about now-a-days? Better job...new car...more sleep? Dare to share?